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A Vertical Knitwear Manufacturing (Klash Clothing, Klash (Pvt.) Ltd., Klash Textile) Founded in 1990 in U.K, Klash Group has steadily grown over the years. It now owns vertically integrated divisions Klash Clothing Co. Ltd in U.K, While in Pakistan Klash (Pvt.) Ltd., Klash Dye House and Klash Textile (Pvt.) Ltd., having vast knowledge and expertise in design and manufacturing of High Quality Value Added Knitted Garments. Under the Umbrella of Klash Group, Pakistan Operations were started in 2003 and now have become one of the largest knitwear manufacturing units in the country. Klash Groups dual strategy of exporting value added products made from local raw materials manufacturing of foreign brands means valuable foreign exchange earnings for the country.

Klash Private Limited, is committed to providing our customers with only the highest quality products and services. We are an ISO certified textile company. Our commitment is summed up in our Quality Policy:
"Klash Group, will supply products that fully conform to our customers' quality and delivery requirements. We will continue to improve our products and services to meet or exceed our customers' requirements and expectations through constant evaluation and improvement of the effectiveness of our Quality Management System."
At Klash we believe in the up-front control of our processes to consistently meet the product requirements as opposed to after-the-fact testing and evaluation. Continuous in-process testing of critical, specified physical characteristics in our Quality Assurance laboratories which are outfitted with a complete line of analytical equipment



Klash Group is a company that adheres to the desired standards of manufacturing and quality which ensures that every one of our stakeholders, customers and employees receive the greatest value along with the best that the industry has to offer. I myself have been heavily involved in every facet of the organization and have learned that the commitment and dedication shown by every employee involved in our operations is proud to be part of this growing and continually successful company. Hard work with the right intent always pays and success follows naturally as a consequence. My journey, since the inception of Klash Pvt. has been based on this doctrine. We benchmark the quality of our service delivery and timeliness. Through this note I want to thank my well wishers for their undying support, trust and contribution towards the group's success. This goes without saying that I will continue with my efforts and hardwork and keep delivering quality work. I look forward to take on new challenges and scale new heights with credible achievements in the future.

Muhammad Shafiq

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Klash Private Limited (Klash 1), 500M Kiran Stop, Faisalabad 38000, Pakistan
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